The Georgia Festival Chorus ByLaws

The Georgia Festival Chorus, Inc. Bylaws
Adopted October 5, 1999

Revised April 4, 2000

Revised September 11, 2001

Revised December 4, 2007

Revised April 27, 2010

Revised May 22, 2017

Article I 

Name and Purpose

Section 1 The name of this organization shall be The Georgia Festival Chorus, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the GFC.
Section 2 The purpose of the GFC shall be to provide an opportunity for those who enjoy singing the finer choral works to do so under expert direction and to present such works in public performances.
Article II 

Membership and Rehearsals

Section 1 Membership shall be open to any person subject to an audition by the Director, approval and notification by the Board, and payment of dues.
Section 2 A. Regular attendance at rehearsals is mandatory for the success of the GFC and will be required of all members. The Director shall determine the time and place of rehearsals.
B. Members will be allowed only three (3) absences per term from the regularly scheduled rehearsals. In addition, members will be required to attend at least three of the last four rehearsals prior to the concert season. In the event this policy has been exceeded, the member may be asked not to perform.
Section 3 A. Members must pay fees as determined by the Board. The amount of fees shall be announced at the first rehearsal of each musical season.
B. Members must make arrangement for payment of the full amount of the fees specified for each season by the second (2nd) week of the season.
C. A member will not be permitted to participate in any concert until his financial obligations to the organization have been met to the satisfaction of the Board.
D. Membership fees are non-refundable.
Article III


Section 1 The voting members of the Board shall consist of the Director,  Associate Director, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President and Business Manager. The Director and  Associate Director will serve as ex-officio members of the Board.
Section 2 A.  The Board shall be responsible for the general functions of the GFC. With input from the Board, the treasurer shall present a proposed budget for the upcoming year to the Board in August of each year and, upon approval, that budget will go into effect In September of that year.
The Board shall be responsible for the administration of that budget. All purchases that exceed the proposed budget shall be subject to the approval of the Board.B.  Except for salaries and related expenses, any line item expenditure that exceeds five hundred dollars shall first be approved by the Financial Committee.
Section 3 The Board of The Georgia Festival Chorus shall meet at least twice during each of the two choral seasons to conduct business as needed. The dates, times, and locations to be announced by the president. Special meetings may be called by the President or a majority of the Board with at least five (5) days notice.
Section 4 At all meetings of the Board, a majority of the membership shall constitute a quorum, which shall be necessary to transact business.
Section 5 In the event that any member of the Board holds more than one position on the Board, he shall only be entitled to one vote on any issue before the Board.
Article IV


Section 1 A. Elected officers shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
B. In the event of a vacancy in any of the above offices, excluding the President, Vice President and Past President, that vacancy may be announced to the membership at the next immediate opportunity.  The Board shall then meet to appoint a replacement from the membership, unless otherwise provided herein. If the vacancy occurs between terms, a temporary replacement shall be appointed by the President.
i. If the President resigns, or for any other reason ceases to perform the duties of the office, the Vice President will complete the term of office. The office of Vice President shall then be declared vacant; the position filled as specified elsewhere herein. At the next annual elections, the appointed President shall fulfill his complete term as President, with the office of Vice President being open for election. The office of Past President shall be vacant for one year.
ii. In the event the Vice President resigns or for any other reason ceases to perform the duties of the office, a special election shall be held, as outlined elsewhere herein.
iii. In the event the Past President resigns or for any other reason ceases to perform the duties of the office, the position shall remain vacant for the remainder of that term.
Section 2 A. The election of officers shall be held every year in the month of April. The date will be set by the Director and President and announced to the general membership three (3) weeks prior to the election. Nominations for these offices shall be open to the general membership in good standing two (2) weeks prior to the election, and shall be made by notifying the Nominating Committee. Members will be limited to running for only one office. The election will be by one secret ballot, said ballot containing all offices nominated for election. The election shall be determined by a plurality vote. In the event of a tie, continuing ballots shall be cast for that office exclusively until a winner is determined. Only members in good standing shall be permitted to run for office or vote in these elections.
B. The Nominating Committee shall consist of four non-board members in good standing, selected by the President, approved by the Board, and affirmed by a vote of the membership. The Nominating Committee shall compile the ballot and oversee the election process. The Nominating Committee will elect its own Chairman who will announce the results of the elections. It shall be the responsibility of the Nominating Committee to insure that the nominees for elective office and the voting members are in good standing.
C. These elected officers shall take office June 1st. The term of office shall be for one calendar year.
D. At the end of one year, the President will automatically assume the position of Past President for a term of one year.
E. Special Election shall be called in the event of a vacancy in the office of Vice President. At the first rehearsal following the vacancy, the President shall announce the vacancy to the membership and empower the Nominating Committee to conduct the Special Election. The nominations will be accepted at the second rehearsal, with the election at the third rehearsal.
Section 3 The appointed Officer shall be the Business Manager. The selection of this Officer shall be made by the President, Treasurer, and Past-President and voted on by the Board. The term of office shall be the same as elected Officers. In the event of a vacancy a new Business Manager shall be appointed.
Article V 

Duties of Board Members

Section 1 A. The Director shall be a voting member of the Board and shall be solely responsible for the selection, performance, and coordination of all music to be sung at rehearsals and concerts. The Director will also select concert dates and locations, and coordinate such decisions with the appropriate Board members or chairmen to facilitate early announcement and publicity of these events. Also, the Director shall have control of rehearsals, including their time, place, dates, and may call for optional sectional rehearsals as needed. These optional sectional rehearsals shall be coordinated with the appropriate Section Leaders. The Director shall appoint a qualified individuals for the positions of Associate and Assistant Director, who can direct the Chorus in his absence, or can direct sectional rehearsals as required.
The Director shall choose soloists or call for auditions as necessary or may choose a soloist from the membership. Should the Director be absent from any rehearsal or concert, it will be the Director’s responsibility to choose a qualified person, normally the  Associate Director, to direct that rehearsal or concert and to notify the President as to the absence so all normal business may proceed smoothly during that absence. Should the Director, for any reason, decide to resign or cease to perform these duties, at the first possible opportunity the President should be notified of that decision. That officer should at once convene the Board and bring this decision to its attention. It shall be the Board’s responsibility to select a replacement. The Director has the sole responsibility of choice of accompanist and any other appropriate instrumentalists. The Director shall also conduct all auditions for chorus membership.
B. The Associate or Assistant Director, at the direction of the Director, shall be responsible for conducting the GFC in the absence of the Director. The Associate or Assistant Director shall assist with auditions, selection of soloists, and other duties assigned by the Director.
Section 2 The President shall preside at all business and Board meetings, shall make necessary contacts for the chorus, shall work with other officers, and section chairmen, the Director and the Accompanist(s) to assure smooth rehearsals and performances, shall carry out all directions of the Board and shall perform all other duties normally incident to that office.
Section 3 The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of his/her duties and, in the absence of the President, shall perform his/her duties. The Vice President shall be responsible for, and be Chairman of the Bylaw Review Committee.
Section 4 The Past President shall serve as an advisor to the Board, with full rights of Board Membership.
Section 5 The secretary shall present to the Board the minutes of each meeting within thirty days of said meeting.  Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence at the request of the Director or President. The Secretary shall supervise all attendance procedures and shall be responsible for attendance records from each Section Leader. A telephone list of the GFC membership shall be prepared at the earliest opportunity for the Board.
Section 6 The Treasurer shall collect all membership fees, and keep current records of all incoming and outgoing monies. The treasurer shall present a financial report to the Board twice yearly, within forty-five days of the end of each of the two seasons, and such other reports as may be required by the President and prepare check requisitions administer receipts and other items necessary for the function of the GFC’s financial needs
Section 7 The Business Manager shall be responsible for the general business operations of The Georgia Festival Chorus as determined by the President and Board. The Business Manager shall be responsible for coordination of The Georgia Festival Chorus concert tours, either within the USA or abroad. The Business Manager shall be responsible for coordinating the marketing and distribution of music productions and other items for revenue. The Business Manager shall serve on the Finance Committee.
Section 8 Each member of the Board and each appointed officer shall maintain in their own records a written job description which includes any tools used to perform his/her duties, a description of procedures utilized, and contact information of persons who may be utilized in performing those duties and any other pertinent information. This document is to remain with the officer’s records so that it may be utilized in the event that the officer is rendered unable to perform his/her functions in the Chorus for any reason.
Article VI 

Appointed Positions

Section 1 Appointed positions are Stage Manager, Librarian, Costume Chairman, Graphics Designer, Publicity /Promotional Chairman, Social Chairman, and Section Leaders (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass), and Rehearsal Leaders (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass).
Section 2 The GFC appointed positions shall be made by the Board and shall serve one year under the Direction of the Board. Those appointed are required to attend the Board meetings of the GFC.
Section 3 The Librarian shall be responsible for the distribution and collection of music, maintain current records of the music library of the GFC, and maintain accurate records of music transactions, purchases, ordered, and/or borrowed, incoming and outgoing.
Section 4 The Costume Chairman shall be responsible for ordering new garments for the GFC members, planning special costuming for concerts and other performances.
Section 5 The Graphics Designer shall be responsible for preparing or arranging for preparation of all brochures, mailings, programs and printed materials.
Section 6 The Publicity/Promotional Chairman shall be responsible for all articles for the news media, posters, and photography of the GFC. The Publicity/Promotional Chairman shall be responsible for any activity which promotes the GFC including musical recordings and other promotional items.
Section 7 The Social Chairman shall be responsible for the social functions of the GFC, including but not limited to birthday recognition, Christmas and end of year parties.
Section 8 The Section Leaders shall learn the names and establish rapport with each member of his/her section, make all necessary telephone calls prior to and throughout the term at the request of the Director or President. The Section Leaders shall check weekly attendance and report all absences to the Secretary, make follow-up calls to absentees and assume the responsibility for the attendance, morale and efficiency of their appointed sections.
Section 9 The Rehearsal Leaders shall prepare to lead section rehearsals as called by the Director for the purpose of learning parts in preparation for the main rehearsals of the Chorus.  The Director will determine what music should be rehearsed in section rehearsals and communicate such assignments to the Rehearsal Leaders in advance.
Article VII


Section 1 The Board shall appoint any special or standing committees, as it deems necessary.
Section 2 The Board shall appoint members of the Bylaw Review Committee as a standing committee. The committee shall annually review the bylaws and report its recommendations to the Board.
Section 3 The Financial Committee shall be chaired by the immediate past president, unless otherwise appointed by the president, and shall further consist of the Treasurer, Vice President, Business Manager, and two non-board members appointed from the chorus by the Chair. The Committee shall be responsible for reviewing the Treasurer’s records at the end of each choral season and as needed and adhering to all tax laws (both Federal and State).
Article VIII

Business Meeting and Quorum

Section 1 There will be an Annual Business Meeting of the general membership of the GFC at the end of each Spring term. The Board as deemed necessary may also call a Special Business Meeting. A quorum for the transaction of business shall be b (two-thirds) of the membership in good standing.