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Sforzando as seen in piano music. - Image © Brandy Kraemer

Sforzando ($5,000 and above)

~Cathy & Mark Adams

~Mr. & Mrs. Frank Boggs

~Louise Benning Hall

~Brenda Burke

~Patterson-Barclay Memorial Foundation, Inc.


Fortissimo ($2,000 – $4,999)

~Roseanne Brasington

~Ida & James Bell

~Mr. & Mrs. Marcus A. Cook, III

~Mr. & Mrs. John B. Ellis

~Faith Ventures Foundation, Inc.

In Loving Memory of George W. Johnson (1926 – 2010)

~Glen O. Jackson

~Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Toy

~Judy McMillan

In Honor of Frank and Doris Boggs

~Mrs. Nell H. Watt

~David & Cecelia Ratcliffe


Forte ($1,000 – $1,999)

~Pat Alverson

~June L. Brown

~Wesley E. Cantrell, Sr.

~Jorge Chazarreta & the Coca-Cola Foundation

Matching Gifts

~E. L. Fields, Jr.

~William & Susan Gibson

~Julia M. Hastings & Macy’s Foundation

Matching Gifts

~H. G. Patillo

~Betty Perry

~C. Wilton Sanders

~Mary & Houston D. Smith, Jr.

~M. O. Wakefield

~Mr. & Mrs. John Weitnauer & Macy’s Foundation~

Matching Gifts

~Kenneth Wright


Mezzo Forte ($600 – $999)

~Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Davidson

~The Lombino Family Fund

~Karen & Kendall Taylor

~Bob & Peg Wharton


Mezzo Piano ($300 – $599)

~Kevin Bemiss

~Barbara Ann Chambers

~Samuel G. Galbraith

~Ed Goodgame

~Margaret S. Hutchison

~Horace Killebrew & the IBM International Foundation

~Janet I. Lee

~Dr. Jim L. Rogers

~John Singleton

~Richard M. Stormont

~Steve and Susan Tanguy

~Joyce B. Thorsten

~Steven Unti


Piano ($100 – $299)

~Charles R. & Yetty Arp

~Albert C. Blackwelder

~Mary Crawford

~Mary V. Davis

~Ivy M. Eyre

In Loving Memory of John M. Eyre

~Cathy Struble Fuller

~Ann L. Garvin

~John V. Glover, Jr.

~William R. Graves

~Bill and Pam Greer

~John M. and Hamby Groover

~Judith A. Grubbs

~Julianne S. Hancock

~William N. Hinson

~Howard C. Kauffman

~Dan Lovich

~Charles & Brenda McMurray

~Lillian B. Meier

~Jane & Randy Merrill

~Carol D. Noble

~Joy A. Papke

~Malcolm C. Tarver III

~Edwina Tims

~T. Tolleson

~In loving memory of Charles Michael Goodgame

~Jane A. Turner

~Dwight & Dorothy Webster

~Mary E. Wilkinson


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