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2014 – 2015




President: Ed Goodgame

V. P.: Bill Greer

Secretary (Chorus and Ensemble): Annie Jefferson

Treasurer: Brenda Burke

Deputy Treasurer: Barbara McIver



Section  Chairs

1st Alto: Susan Tanguy2nd Alto: Judy Arnold

1st Bass: Rich Nuckolls

2nd Bass: Greg Caudle

1st Soprano: Karen Taylor

2nd Soprano: Judy Beale

1st Tenor: Ted Noble

2nd Tenor: Bill Woods


Committee Chairs



Librarian: Ruth Rood

Publicity: Mary Crawford

Recordings Production and Sales: Edwina Tims/Ginger Clemenshaw

Seating/Setup: Bill Evans/Chuck Cook

Men’s Attire: Greg Caudle

Women’s Attire: Avril Gordon

Hospitality: Susan McDonald

Webmasters: Greg and Margaret Caudle

Business Managers: Judy Beale/

Jim Ellington

Fund Raising: Bill Woods

Finance: Bill Greer

Photographers: Sharron Steel-Smith/Philip Johnson


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